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The publisher of the Old Golfer Report is Allan Lund (pictured below). Allan retired from the U.S. Treasury in October 2005 when he was 60. When Allan was in high school he caddied at Belmont Country Club in Belmont Massachusetts (see pictures of the first tee and clubhouse taken October 15, 2011). Allan bought a full set of Byron Nelson MacGregor golf clubs in 1961 and hacked his way around Belmont Country Club with his buddies on Mondays when caddies were allowed to play. After high school Allan followed professional golf avidly but never picked up a club.

One of the things Allan wanted to do when he retired was to play golf. He plays at Hilltop Golf Club in Alexandria Virginia. It's a short but challenging 9 hole par 31 layout with good practice facilities, good instructors, and a friendly staff. It's a great place for old golfers to play.

(Having conquered golf, in November 2008 Allan accepted a full-time position with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC. For a different perspective on Federal employment visit

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